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Eboni K. Williams is no longer a fan of comedian Chris Rock. Williams accused Rock of “shucking and jiving” for “white claps” at a solo event.

“For me, Chris Rock is done,” she said during a recent episode of her podcast “Hiding Court,” according to

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Williams described Rock’s jokes as “just full-on unapologetically anti-Black.” She claims Rock tailored his jokes to cater to the white demographic audience.

“I was disappointed. I was hungry,” Williams said, noting that her hunger was her cue to leave.

Williams said Rock should have been slapped again for that performance.

“I left there thinking he needed to be slapped one more time. I didn’t like the first slap. I thought it was just, you know, whatever, but now I’m like, ‘Where is big Willie when you need him?'” she said.

Will Smith’s career was canceled after he slapped Rock during the Academy Awards in March. He has apologized multiple times to Rock in video and in print.