Photo may have been deleted

Megan Thee Stallion fought back tears while performing “Anxiety” off her album Traumazine (2022).

Megan performed a medley of “NDA” and “Plan B” while also hosting and participating in comedy skits during the live show.

Her voice cracked when she rapped:

    “If I could write a letter to Heaven
    I would tell my mama that I should’a been listenin’
    And I would tell her sorry that I really been wildin’
    And ask her to forgive me, ’cause I really been tryin’

    And I would ask please, show me who been real
    And get ’em from around me if they all been fake
    It’s crazy how I say the same prayers to the Lord
    And always get surprised by who He take, man.”

Photo may have been deleted

The 27-year-old rapper was rehearsing for her appearance on SNL when she learned two thieves broke into her Los Angeles home on Thursday.

The thieves smashed a glass door at the back of the house and made off with $400,000 in jewelry and electronics. They are still at large.

“Wow,” Megan wrote on Twitter, followed by “Material things can be replaced but I’m glad everyone is safe.”

Sources say “friends” were house-sitting for Megan when the break-in occurred. She is sure the burglary was an inside job because the burglars knew exactly where to go.

The rapper announced she is taking a break after her SNL gig.

Watch the videos below.