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Rapper Cam’Ron tried to shoot his shot with actress Nia Long, but he got shot down.

Cam’Ron, 46, slid into Nia’s DMs on Instagram last week and dropped her a love note after hearing about her fiancé Ime Udoka‘s cheating ways.

On Sunday, the New Yorker shared a romantic message he wrote to the 51-year-old actress asking her to give him a chance.

“Hey stink, I was giving you some time to yourself till I reached out,” he wrote.

“Your perseverance as a strong Black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold. You shouldn’t be taken advantage of and exploited as you did nothing to deserve this. Especially all over these sports networks. You’re bigger and better [than] that.”

He continued:

“You’re a queen, and by the way, I’m a king. Together we can achieve the greatness we were both [destined] for as a couple. (Une vie a Vivre) that means ‘we have one life to live.’ Pardon my French lol.”

Cam said he was inspired to shoot his shot with Nia while “sipping gazpacho and watching ‘The Best Man,'” because he believes he’s the best man for her.

He concluded:

“Hope to hear from you soon my mi amour – or should I say, ‘Ni-amour.’ I leave you with this: ‘The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely technical.’ Until the next time the sun rises and moon falls.”

Cam’Ron told his IG followers he has yet to receive a response from the mom-of-two since messaging her last week.

Massai Dorsey, the father of Nia’s oldest son, said Nia is standing by her fiancé, Ime, with whom she shares a son, Kez Sunday Udoka, 11.