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Twitter users reacted with outrage to Elon Musk‘s plan to begin charging for verification check marks.

According to The Verge, Musk allegedly ordered data engineers to revamp Twitter’s blue check verification system within a week – or lose their jobs.

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People who have blue check marks next to their usernames will be forced to pay at least $20 a month for the privilege.

That’s not going over well with verified Twitter users.

The blue check mark will only be available under Twitter Blue, the paid subscription service that offers exclusive features to members.

Twitter Blue is currently $4.99 a month. Musk plans to increase the price to $20 a month beginning next week.

Those who refuse to pay will lose their blue check marks.

One verified Twitter user wrote: “Is this a joke? $20 for what? I think Twitter should come take back its blue badge, I don’t want again.”

Another person wrote: “$20/month for twitter blue?? that is an outrageous price for such minor features.”

Many celebrities who are verified will have to pay up or lose their verification.

True story. In 2009 a Twitter staffer named “Keerthi” emailed your auntie to ask if I wanted to be verified. This was back when only celebrities and VIPs were verified. I declined because I’m not a celebrity or a VIP. I’m just regular folk.

Question: Would you pay $20 a month to keep your verification badge?