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Update: Oct. 31, 2022.

On Oct. 30 Cardi B’s legal team asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to throw out YouTube vlogger Latasha Kebe’s appeal of her $4 million judgment.

This comes after a judge ordered Tasha K to put up a $4 million bond that would immediately be turned over to the rapper if Tasha K loses her appeal.

According to Cardi B’s latest court documents, the “depraved” vlogger has no chance of winning the appeal.

Cardi B’s lawyer W. Andrew Pequignot said, “The totality of evidence was more than sufficient for the jury to find that [Tasha K’s] conduct was not merely vulgar, tasteless, rude, or insulting.”

Pequignot said the blogger’s conduct was “patently outrageous and depraved.”
Originally published on: Oct 13, 2022.

Cardi B has filed paperwork to garnish vlogger Tasha K‘s YouTube revenue.

Earlier this year the Bronx rapper won a $4 million jury award in a defamation lawsuit filed against the blogger.

After Tasha lost an appeal, the rapper’s attorneys contacted Tasha’s bank, JP Morgan Chase, to freeze her funds. But the bank informed them that Tasha only had $1,083.02 in her account.

The money is frozen until a judge gives the green light for Cardi to collect it. Meanwhile, Tasha can’t touch the cash, despite her recent stunt promising to give away the $1,083.02 in a contest.

In the video stunt, Tasha is seen holding a blank withdrawal slip outside a JP Morgan Chase branch. She then went inside the bank as if to withdraw the frozen funds.

In another video, Tasha mocked Cardi by claiming she transferred over $800,000 cash to a bank in Africa.

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According to court documents obtained by, Cardi B’s attorney sent a letter to Google asking the company to hold any money owed to the blogger.

Tasha has filed another appeal, which is pending. However, Cardi has started the collection process by arguing that Tasha failed to post a $4 million bond that would require Cardi to stop the debt collection process.