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A viral video leaves men feeling shook because it shows how real women look under all that makeup and hair weave.

There’s a reason why 60% of marriages in the Black community end in divorce. A woman will never let you see her at her worst until you put a ring on it.

A viral video posted on Worldstarhiphop proves this point. The video shows a male-identified stud who transforms into an attractive woman wearing full makeup and hair weave.

Male viewers were angry and felt deceived.

Here are some of the comments under the video:

“This is why only date natural women, with natural beauty dont fall for the knock offs [sic].”

“Exactly why I don’t date you nasty weave wearers and heavy make-up users. All frauds! Any basic female can pull this off.”

“Good example here, not to fk with woman [who wear] too much make up and weave period. Very important to always appreciate the natural looks 1st, instead bullsh!tt.”

One male viewer suggested asking a woman to send a makeup-free Selfie before going out on a date with her.

Watch the video below.