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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, complained that Elon Musk “bricked” her Twitter account after she tweeted something he didn’t like.

AOC got on Musk’s bad side when she criticized his plan to charge Twitter users $8 for the blue check.

AOC had complained about the billionaire asking people to pay $8 for blue check verification after he decreased the fee from $20 a month.

Musk responded by tweeting a photo of a “Team AOC” jersey she is selling for $58.

AOC responded that she was proud of her merchandise. “Items are made in USA. Team AOC honors and respects working people. You should try it sometime instead of union-busting,” she wrote.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, AOC tweeted, “Yo @elonmusk while I have your attention, why should people pay $8 just for their app to get bricked when they say something you don’t like?”

She also tweeted a screenshot of her Twitter notification timeline which is empty.

“This is what my app has looked like ever since my tweet upset you yesterday. What’s good? Doesn’t seem very free speechy to me,” she wrote.

Conservatives say liberals are getting a taste of their own medicine. Twitter was known to ban or shadow ban conservative accounts that tweeted something they disagreed with.

Now that Musk owns Twitter, he appears to be doing the same thing to liberals, which has them seeing red.

Thousands of liberals have already deleted their Twitter accounts and moved on to other left-wing social media platforms such as Bluesky, created by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and Tribel.