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An OG Atlanta rapper, whose name I won’t mention, responded to the shooting death of 28-year-old rapper Takeoff (pictured) who was killed in Houston on Tuesday.

Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Ball, was shot in the head, torso and arm after leaving a private party hosted by Houston businessman J. Prince, Jr.

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In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, the well-known OG rapper advised Atlanta rappers to stop “checking in” with Jas Prince (L) and his brother J. Prince Jr. (R) when they travel to Houston. The OG rapper called J. Prince Jr. a “fake OG”.

The OG rapper echoed other Atlanta OGs who advised young rappers to stop wasting money on gold chains and hire top tier security when they travel.

“When you go [out of town] keep security. Don’t let these fake OGs from these other cities tell you you good or they got you a car waiting. That’s [a lie],” he wrote.

Photo may have been deleted

“Checking in” is gang terminology for getting permission to roam freely in gang territory after paying a travel tax.


Takeoff’s uncle, Migos rapper Quavo Marshall (center) dutifully “checked in” with the Prince brothers when they arrived in Houston.

Photo may have been deleted

Jas Prince, CEO of Young Empire Music Group, picked up Quavo and his half-brother, Migo Bands and drove them to the private party on Tuesday. Video footage shows a handgun resting on the seat between Jas Prince and Quavo.

Takeoff is not with them in the car. Insiders say Takeoff did not “check in” with the Prince brothers. Takeoff apparently arranged his own transportation to the venue. He also did not participate in the high-stakes dice game.

The dice game is important because, according to Instagram blogger DJ Akademiks, the house always wins and the winnings are split between the party host and his goons.

Part of checking in means gangsters are responsible for a visitor’s safety. Those who don’t check in are not guaranteed to be safe.

Jas Prince offered condolences to Quavo in a social media post after Takeoff’s death. Jas claims he was at home asleep when Takeoff was shot.

However, Jas’ brother, J. Prince, Jr. was at the event and was seen strolling past Takeoff’s dead body while Quavo was screaming in anguish.