Photo may have been deleted

Jackson State University head coach Deion Sanders has prohibited his players from leaving their hotel rooms after Migos rapper Takeoff was fatally shot following a dice game.

Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot in the head and died at the scene.
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In a video shared on social media, Sanders told his players: “Takeoff was murdered in a dice game in Houston – where we’re going. So, that eliminates all y’all leaving that hotel.”

The undefeated JSU Tigers (8-0) face Texas Southern (4-4) in Houston on Saturday.

Photo may have been deleted

Sanders said his players can forget about hooking up with the local talent (IG models) in nightclubs before the game. “Because it ain’t happening until I give you further notice. So, whatever her name is, whoever she is, parents, everybody – they gonna come to the hotel and visit you because y’all ain’t leaving.”

Sanders described his players as “royalty” who must distance themselves from riff-raff and troublemakers.

“You cannot kick it with the same dudes you kicked it with. You can’t do it. It’s going to come to a time, they can talk about you, they can mock you, they can ridicule you, they can cuss you out, they can clown you whatever they want. But you’re gonna have to separate sooner or later. You’re gonna have to disconnect, sooner or later you’re gonna have to.”

The city of Houston has developed a notorious reputation as out-of-towners feel threatened by gang lords who demand they “check in” and pay a travel tax to roam freely in gang-controlled Houston.
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Houston police are pleading with the public to identify the gunmen involved in Takeoff’s murder.