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Disney’s animated film “Strange World” is on track to be its latest woke box office flop.

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Strange World features Disney’s first-ever openly gay main lead character. called “Strange World” an “Animated Gay Teen Romance Film” that is “Disney’s latest agenda-pushing project”.

“The film, which pushes sexual orientation and climate agendas, is on track to be Disney’s latest over-woke nightmare,” wrote.

The main characters are Disney’s perfect depiction of the modern Black family.

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The father, voiced by actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is a soft milquetoast. His Black wife, voiced by Gabrielle Union, is a strong heroine. Their son (voiced by Jaboukie Young-White) is openly gay.

Photo may have been deleted
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According to TMZ, the animated movie earned just $18 million over 5 days against a $180 million budget – not including the budget for marketing.

TMZ claims this was all part of Disney’s plan “to use the poor performance as rationale to not include LGBTQ characters going forward.”

Others claim the movie flopped due to the lack of marketing and promotion.

But that doesn’t explain the poor box office performances of Universal’s gay rom-com “Bros” and Disney’s “Lightyear.” Both films flopped despite being heavily marketed and promoted.

Amid a string of woke flops and Disney’s poor earnings report, Disney’s board ousted its CEO Dave Chapek and brought back Bob Iger.

TMZ hopes this leadership change will mean more LGBT+ characters and better marketing for Disney’s woke films.

TMZ writes:

“The good news(?) … Bob Chapek is out as CEO, and Bob Iger’s back in … something that just about everyone seems happy about. Time will tell if the move affects future offerings.”