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Retired NBA star Isiah Thomas says his beef with former bestie Michael Jordan will go on “for a long time.”

The Detroit Pistons legend opened up about his hate for the basketball icon in a new interview.

Thomas explained why he is still upset with Jordan over how their relationship was portrayed in the 10-part documentary The Last Dance, about the Chicago Bulls.

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“When I was watching The Last Dance, I’m sitting there and I’m watching it with my family and I’m thinking everything is good,” Thomas said.

“And then this guy comes on television and he says that he hates me and then he calls me an a–hole. And then I proceed to watch a whole documentary about him being an a–hole. I’m like wait a minute, time out. Until I get a public apology, this beef is gonna go on for a long long time, ’cause I’m from the west side of Chicago.”

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On Tuesday, Thomas tweeted, “My full quote don’t shorten it or take it out [of] context…”

Thomas isn’t the only former NBA player to express his disdain for Jordan over the documentary. Bulls legend Scottie Pippen also expressed his disgust with Jordan over the way he was portrayed in the series.

Pippen writes in his new book: “Michael deserved a large portion of the blame. The producers had granted him editorial control of the final product. The doc couldn’t have been released otherwise. He was the leading man and the director.”