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Melinda Gates‘s new boyfriend, former Fox Sports reporter Jon Du Pre, allegedly abused his ex-wife, former Miss Utah, Gina Larsen, while she was pregnant with one of their three children.

The shocking allegation is detailed in a memoir written by the 63-year-old journalist in 2000.

In the autobiography, titled “The Prodigal Father: A True Story of Tragedy, Survival, and Reconciliation in an American Family,” Du Pre recalled how his contentious relationship with his father affected his own marriage.

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Du Pre, pictured in 2000 with his book, described a moment of rage toward his ex-wife that he couldn’t control.

“Once she was disarmed and I was loaded with explosive rage, she didn’t have a chance. I stood and ran across the living room at my pregnant wife, and she cowered as I swelled with hot, angry air and launched the worst verbal attack she had ever endured.”

In another paragraph, he wrote, “Welcome to the real world, princess, where not everyone is happy. For once, this one’s not about you, you spoon-fed, spoiled-rotten b—-. This one’s about me.”

Du Pre continued: “I’m going to find out why my father f—– up my life, and p— on you for trying to make me feel guilty about it.”

Du Pre’s wife won the Miss Utah beauty pageant in 1985.

“Gina grew accustomed to being crushed in arguments, to being embarrassed in front of our friends, to taking the blame for little thing that went wrong — the baby’s stinking diaper, the burnt toast, the bounced check,” Du Pre wrote.

“I knew that demons from my past were threatening to destroy this new life that meant so much to me.”

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As previously reported, Melinda Gates, 58, and Jon Du Pre have allegedly been dating for a few months.

The pair were spotted together at an NBA game in April. Their rumored romance comes months after she reached a divorce settlement with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Their divorce was finalized in August 2021.