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Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill finalized their divorce — less than 2 months after announcing their split.

A Fulton County court judge signed off on the divorce settlement Thursday, TMZ reported.
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According to The Blast, Cynthia, 55, and Mike, 52, filed for divorce after living apart on separate coasts for months.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran denied reports that the sports analyst’s cheating ways led to her filing for divorce.

In the divorce documents, obtained by TMZ, Bailey said the marriage is irretrievably broken and she accused Hill of “inappropriate adulterous relations” with other women.

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As for Mike, he’s choosing to remain silent. He did not file any response to the allegations.

The exes didn’t split assets because they never comingled their finances, taxes or property during their 2 years of marriage.

They maintained 2 separate homes on opposite coasts and their union did not produce children.

Additionally, they’ve agreed not to pay spousal support and Hill didn’t even retain a lawyer.


“This is not a tragic ending for us,” Bailey told PEOPLE.

“This is two people who have enough love and respect for each other to be truthful about their relationship in terms of asking themselves, ‘Are we truly happy together? How do we want to move forward?’ And then who were brave enough and loved one another enough to make that choice together.”

Bailey was previously married to businessman Peter Thomas, 62. They penned a book together in 2013, titled Carry-On Baggage.

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Bailey has a 23-year-old daughter, Noelle Robinson who’s a member of the LGBT+ community. Noelle was raised by her single mom. Her father is well-known model/actor Leon Robinson, 60.