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GloRilla drew backlash when she posted a wanted ad for a personal assistant willing to work 16 hour days for $550 a week.

The Memphis rapper posted the wanted ad on Facebook for a personal assistant who has good customer service skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, etc.

The pay is minimum wage – $550 for an 80-hour week.

The list of job duties is intimidating. Job seekers must manage Glo’s calendar, schedule her meetings, events, appointments, doctor visits, dinner reservations, handle travel itineraries, including Uber ground transportation. The individual must book flights, hotels, and other reservations for GloRilla and her entourage.

The candidate will be expected to coordinate safety protocols with her road manager, security and drivers, and travel with GloRilla to both business and concerts, events, etc.

The 23-year-old rapper was offended when her wanted ad went viral and Black Twitter mocked the minimum wage salary.

“Let me tell you motherf—ers something, talkin’ about $550 too low. B—h, it really needs to be $500! Nah, I’m just playin’,” she said, before adding, “But for real, first of all, your flights get paid for. Your flights and your travel. If you want a higher pay, then pay for your own flights and your own travel and see how much them $500-ass flight tickets be. B—h, you think I’m finna pay $1,200 a week and pay — I take flights every day. You think I’m finna pay $500 for you a flight every day, plus pay? No. It don’t work like that.”

Glo also claimed she earned $550 a week at Amazon.

Her last personal assistant quit abruptly.

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted