Photo may have been deleted

Angela Bassett‘s son, Slater Josiah Vance, apologized for pranking his parents in a TikTok video that went viral on New Year’s Eve.

In the video, Josiah, a.k.a Josh, asks his parents if they’d heard that actor Michael B. Jordan died suddenly at age 35.

Bassett was understandably shaken by the news about her Black Panther co-star. Imagine her shock when she learned it was all a TikTok stunt.

Photo may have been deleted

Josh recorded the video as part of a “fake celebrity death announcement” challenge on TikTok.

In a follow-up video, the snotty-nosed teenager tearfully apologized to his parents and to Michael B. Jordan’s entire family for his poor judgment.

“I hope this can be a teaching lesson to anyone else who uses social media as a tool and a source of entertainment to truly understand that your actions can have consequences that extend beyond you,” he said in a prepared statement.

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Josh is the son of Bassett, 64, and actor Courtney B. Vance, 62. Josh has a twin sister, Bronwyn Golden Vance. The 16-year-old twins were delivered by a surrogate.

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It’s difficult being the child of 2 celebrities with busy careers. It’s especially hard on boys who need their fathers around to teach them how to be men.

Watch the videos below.