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By now you’ve seen the viral video of a fight between customers and employees at a Waffle House.

The fight actually occurred in 2021, but the video resurfaced online in late December 2022.

It doesn’t matter how a viral video fight begins: it only matters how it ends. This fight ended after the beweaved aggressor climbed on top of the counter (where food is served) and pancaked herself on the floor behind the counter.

She was then pummeled by a female employee who single-handedly deflected a chair thrown at her head by the aforementioned aggressor.

Wendy’s excellent WWE skills are forever immortalized by Twitter’s resident comic book illustrator @TGBcomic.

The legendary Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, was impressed enough to share video of herself making firewood out of a chair.

Wendy, a.k.a. @witchdragon5, popped up on Twitter on Dec. 30 to inform her growing fan club that she was terminated for defending herself.

Yes, Wendy was terminated when the video went viral – more than a year after the fight.

Everyone loves a hero – except for the execs at Waffle House.

According to Wendy, she was quietly terminated and told to turn in her smock and name badge after the video went viral.

The chairmaster started out as a short order cook before being promoted to shift manager 8 months ago. Now she is on the unemployment line.

Wendy was also “blacklisted” by Waffle House – presumably to prevent her from ever standing her ground at another Waffle House in America.

With her quick reflexes and excellent WWE skills, Wendy will land on her feet in no time.

Watch the full video below.