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Jaguar Wright is not blaming Beyonce and Jay Z for her recent arrest on domestic violence charges.

The 45-year-old R&B singer was arrested live on camera for allegedly assaulting her husband, who filmed her while she was on the ground surrounded by uniformed officers.

Her husband claims she assaulted him in a barbershop. He uploaded the video of her arrest on Jan. 14.

She is heard screaming as she is loaded onto a stretcher before heading to a nearby mental ward for evaluation.

Her husband denies pulling a gun on her. “She did this to herself,” he said. “Y’all pray for her. Please pray for her! Pray for us!”

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Wright’s arrest comes days after she made shocking allegations that Jay Z, his wife Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her mother, Tina, were involved in the murder of popular NY rapper Big L, whom she called an “Illuminati sacrifice.”

In a new video, Wright said she didn’t blame Beyonce and Jay Z for calling the cops on her. She blames gossip bloggers for her problems.

Watch the video below.