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A British study found that men have “significantly worse hygiene than women”.

Nearly half of the single men polled (45%) admitted they wait up to 4 months to wash their soiled bed sheets, while another 12 percent said they wash their dirty sheets as soon as they remember – which could be even longer than 4 months.

Bed sheets were changed more often if men were in relationships and/or if they lived with women.

The Gallup poll found that women are more likely to wash bed sheets at least once a week.

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Cleanliness and good personal hygiene are signs of a healthy mind. Men with emotional disorders or mental health issues tend to be the nastiest.

Meanwhile, gay men were found to be a bit more tidy than heterosexual men.

The results of the study sparked fierce debates between the sexes on social media.

As many women pointed out: “Maybe that’s why they’re single?”

Another woman wrote: “Huge red flag, I’d rather stay single.”

“How about home economic classes for men so women don’t have to educate them!! Division of labor is still an issue,” another woman tweeted.

Another person wrote: “So you recommend dating men with a partner? To be sure that sheets will be clean?”