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It only took one day of outrage for the Biden administration to reverse its decision to ban gas stoves in the home.

According to a federal agency, there are no plans for a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

A U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner sparked outrage when he announced gas stoves were being banned because their emissions were a safety hazard.

The federal consumer official called gas usage a “hidden hazard” because it was linked to one in eight cases of childhood asthma.

In an interview with Bloomberg, commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said, “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

The Biden administration plans to ban natural gas and other fossil fuels in exchange for renewable (green) energy, such as sunlight, wind, water and geothermal heat.

The news sparked outrage among chefs and others who prefer cooking with gas. Gas is more efficient and economical than electric. Additionally, gas can cook food and warm homes when the power goes out.

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