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Over one million Texans are still without drinking water nearly 2 weeks after winter storms ripped through the state, freezing wind turbines and crippling the power grid.

Evangelist Dr. Tawanna Worlds went live on Facebook to issue a warning to her flock about what's really going on in Texas.

Dr. Worlds filmed the video on Feb. 20 from a hotel room in Dallas, where residents were still without power or water in one of the wealthiest areas of the state.

Dr. Worlds is described on her website as an "ordained Evangelist & Prophet with a heart to equip you for God's best!"

She warned her viewers that something in the milk isn't clean. "They're trying to kill us out here!"

She wondered aloud why Joe Biden has yet to publicly address the storms in Texas. There are reports that Biden's Depart of Energy (DOE) refused a request to increase electric power and natural gas prior to the storms.

The DOE's excuse for the refusal was that the governor's request conflicted with the "green energy standards" set by Biden's DOE.

Watch Dr. Worlds' video below.