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Public schools across America are screening student athletes for heart conditions amid reports of young athletes dropping dead.

According to the reports, Everett Public Schools in Washington state is offering a “Screen Your Teen” event in March to “prevent sudden cardiac arrest.”

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Prior to the mRNA vaccines, there were few documented cases of teenage athletes dropping dead from heart attacks.

Four teenagers – 2 in Las Vegas – died suddenly from cardiac arrests last week. 16-year-old Keyonna Garrison (below) is recovering from a stroke she suffered in gym class last week.

The number of teenagers suffering cardiac arrests and strokes in January alone is startling. It’s unprecedented in modern history.

The American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics don’t recommend routine heart screenings in high school and youth sports due to false-positive results.

But heart screening is a life saver for some athletes.

Former Baylor basketball player King McClure didn’t know he had a genetic heart disease until he had an EKG and echocardiogram at the start of his freshman year in 2015.

Doctors warned him he could die if he continued playing basketball. The diagnosis ended his hopes of a career in the NBA.

His doctor implanted an internal defibrillator that shocks his heart to restore a normal rhythm.

The implanted device “has never activated, by the grace of God,” said McClure, now 26 and an ESPN analyst.