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Stacey Abrams reportedly paid herself $54 million during her second failed gubernatorial race in 2022.

In a line item in filings to the state campaign finance commission, Abrams paid $54 million to a media firm she controls to produce ads and purchase extensive TV and radio airtime, Axios reported.

Abrams’ media firm, AL Media, was her biggest vendor in 2022.

She still owes $1.4 million in debt to her attorneys and other vendors.

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Abrams also received a $482,000 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan in May 2020.

Fair Fight Action, a voting rights organization founded by Abrams, paid a “boutique law firm” owned by Abrams’ close friend and campaign chairwoman, Allegra Lawrence Hardy, “more than $25 million over two years.”


Abrams was an unknown romance novelist who aspired to become a local politician in Georgia. She owed $170,000 to the IRS and student loans just four years ago. Abrams rose from such humble beginnings to multi-millionaire status after running for governor twice.

It comes as no surprise that Abrams has announced she’s planning to run for governor again in 2026.