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Months before fashion icon André Leon Talley died from COVID complications, he was nearly evicted from the colonial New York mansion he’d rented since 2004.

According to Page Six, it was famed fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg who stepped in to save her dear friend’s home.

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In 2020, Talley fell behind on his rent to his former friend Manolo Blahnik CEO, George Malkemus, who claimed Talley owed him $500,000.

Talley officially retired from Vogue magazine in 2014 and was living on a pension.

Talley said Malkemus originally bought the home for him for just over $1 million in 2004 — and that he is the rightful owner. In 2021, Malkemus took Talley to court to have him evicted.

According to Page Six, Diane Von Furstenberg wrote a hefty check to save her pal from being evicted.

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Von Furstenberg’s generosity allowed Talley to live out his final months in the luxury and comfort he’d grown accustomed to.

“André was one of my dearest friends,” Von Furstenberg told Page Six. “I would have done anything for him. I would like to respect his memory and George’s for that matter. I have nothing else to say and I thank you for respecting this.”

André Leon Talley died in a hospital in White Plains, New York on January 18, 2022. He was 73.

George Malkemus, 67, died in his New York City home on Sept. 16, 2021.