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Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig has seen the light after she was assaulted in her Washington, D.C. apartment building last week.

Craig, who represents Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, was attacked in her elevator last Thursday.

Craig was punched in the face by Kendrid Hamlin, who is believed to be homeless and has a history of committing violent crimes.

Democrats are soft on violent criminals like Hamlin. Craig is among the liberal politicians who want prison reform, no cash bail, and less punishment for lawbreakers. But that has changed.

Craig spoke out about her attacker’s criminal record, saying he was released from jail 12 times for similar assaults.

“I was assault number 13 on his record,” said Craig, who added she will do “everything in my power to make sure there is not a 14.”

“I got attacked by someone who the District of Columbia has not prosecuted fully over the course of almost a decade, over the course of 12 assaults before mine that morning,” Craig said.

“If you throw somebody in jail for 10 days and think, ‘There’s your punishment, and we’re gonna let you right back on the street,’ what the hell do you think’s gonna happen?”

Craig’s assault is the latest in a series of violent crimes involving lawmakers and their families.