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Good help is hard to find. K. Michelle says she let go over 100 personal assistants over the years.

The singer/actress discussed her labor troubles on Ryan Cameron Uncensored on MAJIC-FM 107.5/97.5 in Atlanta last week.

When host Ryan Cameron asked what her assistant body count was, K. Michelle said she fired over 100 assistants for a variety of infractions, including unprofessional behavior.

K. Michelle said the last person to be fired “couldn’t hang up two TVs with six people; Didn’t know how to get the cords in the walls… Six different people in my house didn’t know how to hang a TV and wanted $2,000 a week.”

She told Ryan that another assistant couldn’t communicate or follow instructions. K. Michelle asked her to make dinner reservations for four people. “She come in and say ‘I made reservations for 4 o’clock.'”

A third applicant got too personal and offered too much information.

“We take her out to eat at Atlanta Fish Market, she talking, I’m like, ‘She’s great, she is great, I like her.’ She say, ‘Oh, holidays we do drugs, we do cocaine,” said Michelle. “I couldn’t believe. This was my first time meeting her. I gave her two drinks and she lost it. Why would I be around something like that?”

K. Michelle asked one potential assistant what she wanted to do with her future. “We get her Instagram, and she do p0rn! No, we can’t do p0rn over here.”

Watch the video below.