Photo may have been deleted

Former Biden administration official Sam Brinton was chased by reporters following a hearing at a Minnesota courthouse on Feb. 15.

The nuclear specialist appeared before a judge for a preliminary hearing on one of two luggage theft charges on Wednesday.

Brinton wore a burgundy men’s tailored suit with a black button down shirt for the hearing. The menswear was a change from the frilly dresses and heels Brinton normally wore as a government official with Top Secret security clearance.
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Photo may have been deleted

Brinton worked for the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy before he was let go for stealing a woman’s luggage from an airport in Minnesota in 2022. The luggage was worth $2,325.

Brinton could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine if found guilty.

One local reporter peppered Brinton with questions prior to the hearing.

“Mr. Brinton, do you still have a security clearance?”

“Are you going to plead guilty today?”

“Did you steal any luggage today?”

After the hearing, the same reporter pestered Brinton with more questions.

“Do you have any comments on the train disaster in Ohio? You’re an expert in these things,” he said.

Another reporter asked, “Why would you want some lady’s dirty clothes?”

Brinton dodged all of the questions and hopped into a waiting Uber with his attorney.

According to reports, Brinton’s lawyer pleaded with the judge to be allowed to appear remotely for the hearing, but Judge Gina Brandt declined the request.

The judge did allow Brinton to appear via Zoom for the next hearing, according to KARE 11 News.

It isn’t clear if Brinton is currently employed.