A new study suggests unattractive people are more likely to continue wearing face masks even though COVID mandates are no longer in effect.

The same study found that people who consider themselves attractive were less likely to wear face masks during the mask mandates.

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According to DailyMail.com, researchers asked people about self-perceived attractiveness and mask-wearing.

They concluded that Americans who view themselves as attractive “believe wearing a mask hinders the opportunities to deliver a favorable impression to others”.

On the other hand, people who view themselves as unattractive followed the “mask attractiveness belief” — that face coverings make them look more appealing.

Studies also found that face masks made “little to no difference” in COVID infection or death rates.

The average age in all the studies was 33 years old and men made up roughly 44 percent of each study population, according to DailyMail.com.

The study authors concluded: “Overall, we provide a novel finding that self-perceived attractiveness has significant effects on mask-wearing intention via mask attractiveness belief in the post-pandemic of COVID-19.”

The authors said that when COVID mandates ended, mask wearers switched from wearing masks for self-protection to self-presentation.

“Our findings suggest that mask-wearing can shift from being a self-protection measure during the COVID-19 pandemic to a self-presentation tactic in the post-pandemic era.”

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