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Actor, director Tyler Perry reacted to reports that beloved character actress Cassi Davis died suddenly.

“I called her and asked her was she dead,” said Tyler after a malicious rumor claimed Cassi died from lung cancer.

“I don’t know how she could have died and nobody told me or her,” Tyler wrote on Instagram.

“I was sent this article that’s going around… So I called her and asked her was she dead and she said hell no! Can whoever is responsible for this please stop you better be careful when you speak death over a child of God. This woman is loved by millions and you’re hurting a lot of people. Cassi is fine living her best life with no worries, no cares, no social media, and no drama. She’s waiting to shoot the next season of House of Payne.”

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Tyler has cast his good friend, Cassi, in many of his films and TV shows, including “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and the Madea franchises.

Cassi’s attorney, Precious Anderson, Esq. also confirmed her client is very much alive:

“It’s being falsely reported that Cassi Davis is dead,” Precious wrote in a statement to on Monday.

“I am Cassi’s Trust and Estates attorney and she is very much alive, eating good and living her best life by saving money on this President’s Day. It’s amazing how someone who brings so much joy to others could be used to cause unnecessary pain and shock to her family, friends and fans. Even though Cassi appreciates the love extended toward her, she wants everyone to know she has not gone home to glory yet and will not be going any time soon.

Precious Anderson, Esq.
The Anderson Firm, LLC.”