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An aspiring rapper was gunned down in Houston, about an hour after he took photos at the bloody scene where he killed a man in self-defense.

According to VladTV, BTB Savage was shot multiple times and killed around 6 p.m. near Houston’s River Oaks section on Thursday, March 30.

BTB Savage was driving a white Mercedes, when the suspects pulled up in a black Subaru vehicle. Multiple shots were fired from the Subaru. Then two suspects got out of the stolen vehicle and fled.

Cellphone video shows BTB lying dead in the street near his bullet-riddled Mercedes.

BTB Savage went viral on Thursday after he posted images of himself standing in his kitchen where he killed a man in self-defense days before. BTB is seen standing in dried blood near a bullet-riddled door.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, BTB discussed the night he and his girlfriend were robbed by a man who offered to pay him for a feature on a rap song.

When the man and his crew entered BTB’s home, they surveyed the interior, which made the aspiring rapper nervous. They soon focused on his diamond chip chain before threatening him if he didn’t hand it over.

A shootout ensued and BTB Savage was wounded in the arm. He reportedly directed his girlfriend to shoot the intruder dead. BTB was questioned by police at local hospital.

Watch DJ Vlad’s interview with the late BTB Savage below.