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Ayesha Curry‘s dramatic weight loss sparked concerns among her followers that she may be anorexic.

Ayesha, 33, posted photos on her Instagram page that show her in Abu Dhabi attending the Forbes International Women’s Day summit.

The wife of NBA star Steph Curry, 35, revealed she lost 35 pounds in January. However, she has lost more weight since then, and she is close to being dangerously low weight.

Ayesha’s Instagram followers speculated that she may be taking an antidiabetic drug like Ozempic or Wegovy, which are approved for weight loss.

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Fans say the weight loss is unnecessary because Ayesha was thick and lovely before her weight loss journey.

One follower wrote under a photo of Ayesha and Steph, taken 4 weeks ago:

“Yeesh! Desperately in need of a stylist. And the Ozempic look is not a good look here! …she has always been pleasantly plump and this gaunt look is a little much. Plus the pants simply don’t fit or flatter :-( not a good look.”

Another person wrote: “Beautiful as always but looking too thin.”

While a third person commented: “Ozempic queen.”

The weight loss drugs — which cost $1,000 a month — are all the rage in Hollywood, where stars are desperate to maintain slim figures.

Ayesha, a professional chef, was once considered body goals for health-conscious women. Now she looks sickly and unhealthy.

Hopefully Ayesha will read her comments and stop losing weight for her sake.