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A woman is out $1,000 after a man sent himself $1,000 via her Cash App instead of putting his number in her phone.

Now her sister is warning other women not to hand their cellphones to random men in nightclubs.

In a video on social media the woman cautioned, “Don’t give no guy ya’ll phone to put their number in, because this guy just Cash App’d himself a thousand dollars of my sister’s money.”

The woman explained that her sister posted the man’s phone number on social media after she realized he scammed her.

“Y’all blow his stuff up and tell him to send my sister her money back,” the woman said.

Cash App scams are on the rise. Cash App advises victims to report Cash App thefts immediately.

Report a potential scam payment by following these steps:

    Tap the profile icon in the top right corner
    Tap Support
    Select Report a Payment Issue
    Select the payment and follow the prompts

The quickest way to reach Cash App’s support team is by calling 1 (800) 969-1940.

Also, log out of your Cash App after completing a transaction. Never give anyone your login credentials.