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School districts around the country are adopting “woke” curriculums to promote a genderless society where heterosexuality is not the norm.

The curriculum also seeks to eliminate troublesome “toxic masculinity” and “excessive femininity” among the sexes.

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Washington state’s largest school district in Seattle will teach children how a “person with a vagina” can get pregnant by a “person with sperm.”

Students in the 4th grade will begin their sexual health education curriculum on April 24, according to Seattle Public Schools training materials, obtained by Fox News Digital through a public records request. The curriculum aims to reduce “gender stereotypes” and “heteronormativity,” or the idea that heterosexuality is normal.

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Emphasis will be placed on promoting homosexuality and transgenderism as normal sexual lifestyles. “Actively dismantling toxic masculinity,” is a goal of the school district’s liberal approach toward sexual health education, according to the training materials.

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Teachers are urged to use more “they/them” pronouns in classrooms. Teachers will use gender-neutral language to describe males and female when it comes to anatomy, pregnancy and the reproductive system. For instance, students as young as 9 are told that “vaginal sex is a common way that people get pregnant,” and that “babies with a penis are born with a sleeve of skin on the penis called the foreskin.”

The SPS curriculum teaches that there are more than two genders, often using the phrase “all genders” to describe people. Students are also taught about the anatomy of a “person’s uterus” and how a “person ovulates.”

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One fourth-grade lesson teaches how transgender people reproduce. “Sometimes egg and sperm cells meet in a laboratory, where the egg is fertilized, and then a doctor puts the fertilized egg in a person’s uterus to implant and begin a pregnancy.”

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The woke curriculum also includes lessons about hormone treatments and puberty blockers for transgender children.

Students in Seattle celebrated Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action (BLMSWA) last month.

BLMSWA promotes the “13 Guiding Principles of the Black Lives Matter movement,” including “fostering a queer-affirming network” by eliminating the “tight grip of heteronormative thinking” and “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Thanks to the efforts of Democrats, the LGBT+ population in the U.S. is expected to explode in 10 years. And the nation’s birth rate will drop significantly.