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Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman sued him for $30 million for locking her out of a Florida house they shared.

According to reports, the incident happened about 5 months before she asked a judge to void an NDA agreement she claims he made her sign 6 years ago.

In legal documents filed in October 2022 Erica Herman said they had an “oral tenancy agreement” that gave her the right to reside in the Hobe Sound, Florida estate for a “certain duration of time.”


Herman was managing Tiger’s restaurant when they began dating in August 2017. The documents, obtained by TMZ, doesn’t specify when they broke up.

According to TMZ, Herman is citing a law that voids NDA agreements when there’s evidence of sexual assault or harassment.

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Herman, 39, claims that Tiger, 47, and his agents unlawfully locked her out of their shared Florida home and she has not been allowed to return to collect her belongings.

She also claims that part of their agreement was that the house would be “fully paid” for by Tiger’s private trust.

Herman complains that the trust used “trickery” to force her out of their home. She said Tiger’s agents allegedly convinced her to go away on a short vacation and “when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been locked out of her residence.”

“They then informed her she was not allowed to return to her residence.”

Herman claims that Tiger’s agents attempted to “justify their illegal conduct” by paying for a hotel room for a short period of time.

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Herman says Tiger’s trust is enforcing the NDA to keep her quiet about their 6-year relationship. She is pictured with Tiger, his daughter, Sam, and son, Charlie, in a photo dated March 9, 2022.

Herman argues in her legal documents the NDA should be declared unenforceable under the Federal Speak Out Act, which prohibits an NDA if there is evidence of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

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Herman also claims the trust “misappropriated” around $40,000 in cash that belonged to her. She is seeking $30 million in damages, given the “substantial monthly rental value” of the home.

She is asking the court to allow her to return to the Florida home.