Photo may have been deleted

Surgeons everywhere are seeing a dramatic rise in men requesting BBLs and other body sculpting procedures.

An Instagram photo posted by Canadian rapper Drake sparked speculation that he underwent several procedures including liposuction and a male BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift for men).

The photo shows the rapper wearing a white towel around his waist. His sculpted waist and hips, gently sloping buttocks and etched abs are prominent in the photo.

Drake’s fans noticed his body work and called him out on Twitter.

“Drake pulled out the lipo belly and bbl man abs combo on him UH UH!” one person tweeted, while someone else wrote: “Drake surgeon snapped on his 360 lipo and ab etching.”

A male BBL butt lift is a 3-4 hour procedure that removes fat cells from parts of the body to the waist and butt under general anesthesia.

Dr. Rian Maercks, a board certified surgeon has seen more men than women at his Miami clinic.

The president and medical director of The Maercks Institute is renowned for his cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery skills.

Photo may have been deleted

“If you want a stronger, more sculpted appearance to your butt, you’re not alone,” Dr. Maercks writes on his website. “Many men seek this procedure to achieve a more attractive shape and projection for this area, which helps improve the overall look of their physique.”

Dr. Maercks says men want a more youthful appearance and a butt that appears larger and/or stronger.

Recovery includes wearing a compression garment for about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

This isn’t the first time Drake’s sculpted bod drew attention from his fans and peers.

Retired rapper Joe Budden was among the first to accuse Drake of going under the knife on his 2016 diss song “Afraid,” on which he rapped: “Yeah Aubrey that’s the one we trusted/ Not this new Aubrey with his stomach sculpted.”

Popular surgeon Dr. Miami defended Megan Thee Stallion after Drake accused her of getting butt shots on a diss track last year.

“When Drake asks me to do his second round of lipo but I am a Hottie before I am a surgeon,” Dr. Miami wrote in a TikTok video.


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