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Mesquite PD

A Texas substitute teacher has been fired for allegedly organizing a “fight club” between her students, according to the school district.

Natally Garcia, 24, was charged Monday with 4 counts of endangering a child after she organized the fistfights between her middle school students.

Garcia urged the students not to scream or record the fights on their cellphones. “I do not want this on record,” she said.

However, the fights were secretly recorded by a student who uploaded the footage to social media.

Police say students as young as 12 were ordered to fight each other at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas.

“Our investigation revealed that this substitute teacher encouraged students to fight each other during class, outlined rules for the students to follow and even instructed a student to monitor the classroom door while the fights took place,” the school district statement said in a statement.

Garcia had been working for the district since March 6 and was fired Thursday, April 13.

“As of yesterday, she is no longer employed by the district and is not eligible for rehire in any capacity,” the district said in a statement obtained by KXAS.

Parents were appalled by the fight footage which is still circulating online.

“I saw the video. I paused it multiple times because I was in utter disbelief,” said the mother of the girl who recorded the fight. “I thought it was a joke.”

“Unacceptable. It’s disgusting,” she added. “My anger, my rage was so much I literally felt like I made myself sick. I was seeing blurry.”

Watch the video below.