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Two anonymous Atlanta women are going viral on TikTok for providing a valuable service to motorists in Buckhead. The ladies charge $50 to remove boots on cars.

Booting is enforced by booting companies who have contracts with the city. They charge $75 or more to remove the boots.

But the ladies say the parking industry preys on Atlantans. They are going viral for charging less than the booting companies charge to remove the boots.

The best friends say the inspiration for their new business venture came after they were booted. While searching online for a cheap way to remove the boot, they stumbled on ATL Boot Key, a business that sells keys to unlock the boots.

Photo may have been deleted

The women purchased the key and advertised their service by posting signs in parking lots. They say business has taken off.

“We’re talking big money,” they said, while flashing fistfuls of cash.

“We don’t got no beef with the people that put boots on the cars, but we’re gonna take it off,” they said.

Christian Verrette, the founder of ATL Boot Key, says booting is a “predatory act” that “is holding someone hostage.”

“You are holding someone for ransom: $75, or you cannot go anywhere,” he said. “I’m just trying to outright eliminate the boot. It is not about business for me. Business has been good, but, still, at the end of the day, my heart is banning the boot.”

Verrette said he made $50,000 selling boot keys, thanks to the Boot Girls.

Watch the video below.