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Cher’s unlikely relationship with music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards may have run its course, according to sources close to the pop music legend.

According to RadarOnline, the 76-year-old cougar called off her wedding to Alexander after she saw another side to him.

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Cher reportedly listened to family members who warned her that Amber Rose’s ex-boyfriend may be using her to advance his own career, has learned.

“For a while, Cher followed this guy around like a lovesick puppy, but the blinders seem to be coming off,” said an insider. And another source said, “Cher’s starting to see Alexander in a different light.”

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Their odd romance began after Cher met AE last fall in Paris. Sources said she spoiled the 37-year-old record executive, buying him expensive jewelry and clothing.

But friends warned her that his sights may be set on her $380 million fortune.

“Cher has always been so careful about her money, but she was throwing it at this guy and funding his over-the-top lifestyle!” said a source.

According to Radar, AE had a strong influence over Cher.

Radar’s sources said she saw their relationship as one-sided, and she grew annoyed with his suspicious behavior and bossy attitude in the recording studio.

“AE’s always inviting his friends over for parties — and he goes missing and doesn’t answer his phone,” said a source.

“AE wasn’t even born when Sonny & Cher were topping the charts in the ’60s,” said a source. “Things didn’t go well when he started barking orders in the studio as he does with younger artists.”