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A fed up Dollar General cashier who mowed down a shoplifter with her car was terminated, TMZ reports.

Viral video shows a man on a bicycle loaded down with beverages and chips when a car comes out of nowhere and knocks him off the bike, scattering the stolen merchandise all over a driveway.

In a video, Jessie Sotto told TMZ she was suspended for a week after the video went viral earlier this month.

She said when she returned to work she was terminated. “I can’t believe they just let me go and everybody was asking for me,” she said in a video.

Jessie explained that the man stole items from the store the week prior to the incident on May 11.

Jessie said she asked her manager if she could go after him, and the manager gave her the go ahead.

Jessie said she pulled alongside the man on the bicycle and asked him to give the merchandise back, but he refused. She denied running him over. She said he ran into her car.

A different manager terminated her when the Ring doorbell footage went viral online.

Jessie says she would still have her job if the video didn’t go viral.

She’s upset about her firing because she loved her job, and would give the shirt off her back because she’s generous and kind.

“Every bone in my body hurts just from working so hard, and you’ve got a person stealing stuff,” she said through tears.

Jessie, who was a criminal justice major in college, says the alleged shoplifter had been a repeat offender at her Fresno, CA store.

Jessie claims the guy stole flowers, chips, donuts, bread, cheese, bologna and other items without paying.

The thief threatened to press charges against Jessie, but police who responded to the scene say no police report was taken.

Jessie is now making deliveries for DoorDash, according to TMZ.

Watch the video below.