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Dwyane Wade showed support for the transgender community after he was booed and heckled by NY Knicks fans on Sunday.

Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union attended the 2023 Met Gala on Monday night after they were booed by Knicks fans as they left Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

One guy yelled at Wade, “Why did you mutilate your son?”

At the Met Gala, Wade showed support for the transgender community — which he referred to as “my community.”

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Wade, 41, and Union, 50, recently announced they are moving out of Florida due to the state’s anti-transgender laws. Wade is father to an MTF transgender child, Zaya Wade, 15.

“I do know when our children feel accepted, that 43 percent of our childrens [sic] that feels acceptance from their parents – from the world – it lowers the death rate,” said Wade. “Suicide is high in the trans community. It’s high in youth, and so I’m gonna step on the side of acceptance…”

He added: “Let’s make sure our kids have an opportunity to live this life that we all get to live. It starts with our gun safety laws. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do there. And our schools, but also, too, in our community, which is the trans community.”