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Richard Jefferson lost his cool when “NBA Today” co-host Malika Andrews hit him with a bald joke.

The incident happened during Tuesday’s episode while Jefferson, Andrews, and Kendrick Perkins discussed LeBron James’s possible retirement.

Jefferson asked Andrews if she thought there was a better chance of LeBron retiring or Perkins going on a diet.

“It’s right up there with you growing a full head of hair,” she replied.

Judging by the look on Jefferson’s face, he was hurt by her jab. The 42-year-old former NBA star experienced male pattern baldness as a young man. He shaved his head while still in his 20s.

Andrews and Perkins may have been amused, but Jefferson and Zach Lowe weren’t.

Lowe requested more professionalism on the set.

“First of all, could we restore some professionalism to the chuckle hype over there. What’s going on?” he said. His comment caused Andrews to go on the defensive.

One viewer wrote:

“Hey Zach Lowe, the reason inside the nba on tnt is the most successful sports talk show is because of moments like that where the professionalism is thrown out the window and the crew is just acting like real people. You’re talking about basketball, don’t take it so serious all the time. I would think that the viewers enjoy and laugh along with a roast like that. Just me maybe.”