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Philadelphia PD

Update: A teenage killer who escaped from a Philadelphia jail nearly 10 days ago was captured Wednesday, CBS News reports.

Philadelphia residents feel safer now that 18-year-old Ameen Hurst is back behind bars. Hurst is charged in the shooting deaths of four people between December 2020 and March 2021.

Hurst and 24-year-old Nasir Grant escaped from the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center on the evening of May 7 after cutting a hole in a perimeter fence.

Grant was taken into custody without resistance on May 11. He was wearing “full female Muslim garb and a head covering” when he was arrested, said Robert Clark, Supervisor Deputy Marshal.

Grant was in custody for narcotics violations, theft and firearm charges, CBS News reports.

A 21-year-old woman was charged with helping to coordinate the escape after officials reviewed phone calls made by Hurst and Grant, according to

Photo may have been deleted
Philadelphia PD

Investigators say Xianni Stallings, of North Philadelphia, helped to coordinate the escape from outside the jail by helping them find a ride.

She was arraigned on charges including conspiracy and hindering apprehension. Her bail was set at $500,000.

Photo may have been deleted
Philadelphia PD

In addition to Stallings, 21-year-old Michael Abrams and 35-year-old Jose Flores-Huerta, who is incarcerated himself, were charged with hindering apprehension.

The U.S. Marshals and Philadelphia police offered a combined reward of $25,000 for the capture of Grant and Hurst.

“People are now realizing they don’t want the smoke coming up in their house so they are giving us information. Right now we’re going through the leads,” said Sheriff Rochelle Bilal last week.

Hurst is charged with four murders in Philadelphia, including the death of aspiring comedian Woo Biddy, 20.

Woo Biddy, real name Dyewoo Scruggs, was killed in a live-stream video in 2020 after dissing slain Chicago rappers Tooka and FBG Duck in a live Instagram post.

Police say Hurst, who was 16, chased Scruggs on foot for over a mile before catching up to him and shooting him multiple times.

The foot chase was caught on surveillance camera, but the murder was captured on Scruggs’s live-stream. “Bro, we on live!” Scruggs shouted before he was gunned down.

CAUTION: Video contains profanity and graphic violence.

Additionally, Hurst is charged with the murder of Rodney Hargrove, who was gunned down an hour after his release from the Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility in 2020.

Hargrove reportedly ran back onto jail grounds where he was fatally shot by Hurst.

Hurst is also charged with the shooting deaths of Naquon Smith, 24, and Tamir Brown, 16, who were both killed in 2021.

Watch the video below.