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The Biden administration may be moving closer to mandating climate lockdowns to tackle the threat of climate change.

What is a climate lockdown?

A climate lockdown means all non-essential workers will stay indoors with thermostats set at 81 or higher to reduce emissions.

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On Thursday, President Biden announced new steps that will protect workers from extreme heat outdoors.

The new measures include improving weather forecasting, and access to drinking water for workers outdoors, Biden said.

“We want the American people to know help is here, and we’re gonna make it available to anyone who needs it,” Biden said.

However, climate activists say Biden’s announcements on Thursday didn’t go far enough to save the planet.

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The activists had hoped Biden would declare a federal climate emergency, which could allow him to take extreme measures without congressional approval.

Liberals want to see regular climate lockdowns replacing rolling blackouts in California.

“Someone dies every time we have a power outage,” said a former Los Angeles energy official.

Maybe we can do better “at keeping people safe during blackouts, but some of you may have to live (or not) with regular climate lockdowns,” the former energy official said.

“We have a planet to save, and every option must be on the table,” he added.

Expect climate lockdowns to occur in the months leading up to the 2024 presidential election.