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Congress held a historic hearing on Wednesday to discuss whether alien life forms are among us.

According to NBC News, Americans don’t seem to care about the government’s sudden obsession with UFOs.

David Grusch, an ex-intelligence officer, told Congress on Wednesday that the US has evidence of alien life forms.

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Grusch said people with direct knowledge of a secret government alien program confided in him that the US government has recovered “non-human” “biologics” that crashed landed on Earth in apparently defective UFOs.

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Grusch has a credibility problem.

The former Air Force officer previously claimed the Vatican was involved in a massive cover-up of captured alien life forms that arrived on Earth 90 years ago.

He told NewsNation that in 1933 the Italian government recovered a UFO, which it then “moved to a secure airbase in Italy for the rest of the fascist regime until 1944-1945.”

Grusch has never seen any evidence of the Vatican alien cover up himself. He’s just repeating what he heard.

A spokesperson for the Department of Defense previously told the Associated Press that there is no validity to Grusch’s claims. He said there is no “verifiable information to substantiate” Grusch’s claims that such an alien program has ever existed.

Twitter users wonder why Congress is wasting taxpayer dollars on outlandish alien theories.

Many believe the UFO talk is just a distraction for President Biden’s mounting legal problems.