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Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green was a trending topic on Twitter on the last day of gay Pride month.

Leaked cell phone video shows the 21-year-old California native between another man’s legs on a bed, while a third man looks on.

Sandrarose.com is a family-oriented blog, therefore the video won’t be posted here. But it isn’t hard to find on Twitter.com. You will need a login to view the clip on Twitter.

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Rockets fans were not shocked by the video. Jalen went viral last year when he rocked a pretty pink Versace purse during the Versace runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Jalen was born in Merced, California to a Filipino mother and a Black father who abandoned his family. Jalen’s stepfather, Marcus Green, is a former basketball player.

Jalen reportedly dated Instagram model Breah Hicks who previously dated Sean Combs’ son, Christian Combs, when they were in high school.

Watch Jalen’s highlights video below.