Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

A group of kids rescued Shaquille O’Neal from drowning in a swimming pool in Hawaii.

In a TikTok video posted by Daniel Chavez, Shaquille, who was standing in about 4 feet of water, yelled “Help! I’m drowning!”

The kids quickly surrounded the NBA legend and lifted his head out of the water. “Come on, Shaq,” one boy said.

In a second video, O’Neal high-fived all the kids after they used CPR to revive him.

Thankfully, the Lakers legend wasn’t really drowning. He was just goofing around.

According to PEOPLE, the videos were taken at a resort on the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii.

Chavez also posted a photo posing with O’Neal in the lobby of their hotel. He told followers that Shaq “was actually so cool” and “He’s mad humble.”

Chavez said he filmed the video because he thought fans would “love to see this side of him.”

Watch the rescue mission below.


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