Photo may have been deleted

YouTuber Jess Hilarious sparked backlash on social media after she called out a male-to-female transgender for saying “Womanhood and periods don’t belong to biological women.”

According to Rhymeswithsnitch, Jess ended the debate in a sharp-tongued video last week. She captioned the video:

“Who tf stands up for US? Wtf you mean we don’t own WOMANHOOD AND MENSTRATION! Y’all couldn’t bleed if y’all tried!”

Then drag queen Ts Madison added his 2 cents.

“And that’s where a lot of anger comes from,” Madison said in a tweet dated July 22. He added: “I do hope they take a Good look at how Transphobia affects ALL women.”

Madison shared a screenshot of a Jasmine Brand article with the headline: “Jess Hilarious Claims A Male Celebrity Offered To Fly Her Out, After Mistaking Her For A Transgender Woman.”

Trans actor Laverne Cox also responded to Jess’s video, saying the debates are a “distraction” from trans people being harmed and killed due to transphobia.