Photo may have been deleted

Will Smith teased his youngest son Jaden Smith for not having any kids yet. The actor paid tribute to Jaden on Instagram for his 25th birthday.

“Happy Birthday, J-Diggy. It’s crazy that you’re 25?!?! When I was 25 I had a 2 yr. old… I’m just sayin’,” he wrote in a photo caption.

Will also shared a B&W photo of himself with Jaden. He called it his favorite photo of father and son together.

Will is pictured above with his three kids, Trey, 30, Willow, 22, and Jaden.

Will’s three kids are all childless. Some adults put off having kids because they were traumatized as children. But that doesn’t appear to be the case with Jaden, Willow and Trey.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Just last week, Jaden said his mother, Jada, introduced him and Willow to psychedelic drugs when they were kids.

Gen-Zers are in no rush to have children these days.

One IG follower told Will: “Don’t rush the guy, as long as he’s living his best life :p happy birthday to him.”

Another person wrote: “He’s doing it Right! Don’t listen to your father on this one.”

While a third follower wrote: “[C]hildren are not possessions they need people mature enough and healthy enough to raise them.”