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Indiana Pacers star Myles Turner trended online when he twirled out of the closet over the weekend. Turner, 27, attended an NBA Summer League game in Las Vegas on Saturday (July 8).

The 6’11” center kicked open his closet door and sashayed out wearing pink high water pants, a white button down blouse and Gucci loafers. He completed his outfit with a colorful neckerchief scarf and Gucci sunglasses.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Turner made his glamorous debut just days after another NBA player, Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green was outed in a leaked cell phone video. The video shows the 21-year-old between another man’s legs on a bed, while a third man looks on.

Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Rockets fans were not shocked by the video. Jalen (pictured) went viral last year when he rocked a pretty pink Versace purse during the Versace runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Black professional athletes are urged to come out of the closet and be their authentic selves.

Black gay NBA and NFL players are warmly embraced by the LGBT+ community who accuse the Black community of homophobia.