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CNN commentator Van Jones says he’s launching another non-profit after he was forced out of the criminal justice non-profit he founded.

Jones was ousted from the board of his non-profit 2 years after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos handed him $100 million.

Jones is publicly humiliated after getting the boot from yet another organization he founded.

“He can’t stay at anything for longer than a few years before passing it off,” one former employee told The Daily Beast. Another former employee said that Jones has a habit of “moving on to the next thing, and possibly not creating the best infrastructure before he leaves.”

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One source told The Beast that Jones, who briefly dated Kim Kardashian, did not leave by choice. has laid off multiple staffers even though the organization is swimming in money.

A Dream subsidiary also laid off employees, despite receiving a $10 million grant from Bezos’ climate fund in 2020. The group went on a spending spree with no accounting for how the cash was spent.

Jones’ spokesperson said the CNN star is working to launch a new non-profit initiative, “which will be announced soon.”