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New York ranks as the “most bougie” state for Birkin moms who spend up to $40,000 a month on designer bags and clothes.

“Bougie,” is a pejorative term derived from “bourgeoisie.” It is often used as an insult against people who spend obscene amounts of money to keep up with the Joneses.

A new survey ranked NY as the “most bougie” in the US, thanks to glamorous residents such as Victoria Lagg, also known as “Birkin Mom” on TikTok.

Lagg, 32, is a lifestyle content creator and a busy mom of three. She is unapologetic about her excessive spending and lavish lifestyle.

“A Birkin Mom is a chic, effortless mom who has refined style, confidence in parenting and is the epitome of class and elegance. She [always] has a Birkin at hand, even when running errands with her kids,” Lagg told The NY Post.

“There’s nothing wrong with being bougie,” Lagg said. “In New York it’s accepted — whereas in a smaller town or city you can get strange looks.”

According to The Post, Lagg typically spends $10,000 a month on coveted designer purses to add to her collection of over 60 bags.

The style maven makes sure her three children — two girls and a boy — are equally dressed to impress.

Lagg told The Post that her most cherished accessory is her $28,000 Birkin in Nata which she keeps in a closet full of high end purses.

“In New York, everyone has a unique style, because people are unapologetically themselves and want to stand out,” Lagg said. “I would think everyone should choose items that have longevity, better quality and are overall more desirable. I really enjoy collecting pieces from many fashion houses including Dior and Chanel, Bottega and Loro Piana.”

Lagg is living the life that most women envy. She got married and had children in her 20s so she can focus on building her brand in her 30s.

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